Your Wedding In Lanzarote…

Your Wedding In Lanzarote…

Current Law

Can you legally marry on the island of Lanzarote?

Under the current law you are unable to legally marry on the island of Lanzarote unless you have been resident here for at least 2 years.

With this in mind, you must carry out the ‘legal formalities’ of officially marrying back home in your main country of residence before flying out to the island for your wedding in Lanzarote.


Legal Formalities

Most couples choose to have just a small, intimate ceremony at their local Registry Office to take care of legal side of things prior to their sunshine wedding in Lanzarote.

Your ceremony at the Registry Office can be a short, simple service lasting as little as a few minutes. You don’t necessarily even have to exchange rings there if you don’t want to. You can always save that for the day of your wedding in Lanzarote!

Your wedding in Lanzarote

Your wedding in Lanzarote would be a ‘blessing’ of your marriage. The service itself can be as religious or non religious as you’d prefer. It’s your day and you choose how you’d like your service to flow!

You might want some of your guests to deliver a special reading or poem for you on the day. You may even have some musically talented guests amongst that you’d like to perform during your service. This is perfectly fine. We will work together with your celebrant to create a totally bespoke, personalised ceremony that reflects you as a couple. All of YOUR wedding wishes, dreams and expectations will become a reality!









We will tailor a more simple service for your Lanzarote wedding day if that’s what you would prefer.

You will carry out the traditional signing of the Register during your ceremony, and of course there will be the traditional exchange of wedding rings too. The services delivered by our celebrant are no different to any other wedding ceremony which you will already be familiar with.

Unique, Personal, Bespoke & Magical

Our dedication to your dream day means we will deliver day for you which is totally unique and personal. A Lanzarote wedding day which captures all of your wedding wishes and expectations perfectly. A day which brings all of your wedding dreams alive giving you a magical day to remember for eternity!

Your wedding planning journey

You’ll be in constant contact with us, your Lanzarote Wedding Planners, throughout your entire wedding planning journey (And hopefully beyond!). We’ll have lots to discuss, plan, confirm and get excited about! We’ll chat about what music you’d like to be included in your service. The all important ‘walking down the aisle music’, ‘signing the register music’ and the music you’ll walk back up the aisle to. We will enjoy such exciting conversations together over the coming months leading up to your Lanzarote wedding day. We can’t wait to share the journey with you!

Our team will put you in contact with our celebrant here prior to you flying out to the island. Our celebrant will focus on getting to know you as a couple and find out exactly what kind of service you feel would best suit you. What you’d like to be included or excluded and take note of any specific requests you have for your service.

Once you’ve arrived here in Lanzarote, you’ll be met by our team prior to your wedding ceremony. We’ll cover the day in detail with you so that we are all confident that the day will run as smoothly as possible. All plans of the day will be double checked, clarified and confirmed during this meeting. This ensures that any last minute changes or amendments can be acted upon ahead of the day.

Spectacular Lanzarote wedding day

Timing is the key to ensuring your day runs exactly as it should. As part of our pre-wedding meeting we will cover the exact timings of the day. We will provide you with a detailed schedule of how the day will run. This will include who should be where and at exactly what time. Your pre-wedding meeting is of utmost significance to us all and as a result, the meeting specifically allows us to safety proof the ultimate goal, to deliver that spectacular Lanzarote wedding day for you and provide you with a magical day which exceeds all of your expectations and more!

We very much look forward to planning your sunshine wedding blessing on the island and building up a relationship with you both as a couple!

With love

Hayley x

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