Jameos Del Agua

Located in the north of the island in the municipality of Haria, Jameos Del Agua was once just part of the debris of the 6km long lava Túnel de Atlantida (Atlantic Tunnel) following the eruption of Volcan de la Carona (The Crown Volcano) some 4000 years ago.

Jameos Del Agua, situated in the part of the lava tunnel closest to the coast, was designed and transformed by famous Lanzarote artist and architect Cesar Manrique in 1966. He combined the natural elements of the lava tunnel along with his expressive creativity and slotted them together to create this wonderful architectural jigsaw. Now standing proud as one of Lanzarote's top tourist attractions, Jameos Del Agua is, without exception, the greatest example of Cesar Manrique's incredible portfolio of work on the island.

This spectacular Lanzarote wedding venue is a place where peace, quiet, tranquillity, harmony and beauty prevail.

Your Lanzarote wedding day here would certainly be one with a difference. Jameos Del Agua, described as the eighth wonder of the world, is a truly captivating venue, a venue whos magnificence is beyond description. Here you'll find yourselves surrounded by the harmony of natural beauty meeting artistic creation whilst being blessed with the breath taking, panoramic, Atlantic Ocean views as you say your "I do's".

The charm and beauty of this venue will leave both yourselves and your guests well and truly captivated!

The magnificent 'Jameo Grande' ; the crystal clear, turquoise, lagoon pool along with the picturesque gardens and gorgeous serpentine staircase provide you with the most amazing photographic backdrops for your wedding shots here at Jameos Del Agua.

After your ceremony and cocktails, 'Jameo Chico' will play host to your wedding meal, this unique restaurant which is built inside the cave overlooks the venues enchanting subterranean salt lake. The lake that is home to the unique and endemic species of Squat Lobster; the blind lobster Munidopsis Polymorpha or 'Jameitos' which are found only in Lanzarote!

Following on from your meal, your evening celebrations will take place beside the lake where you'll first relax and enjoy an impressive range of music from soft jazz, classical, bossa nova and traditional Canarian sounds, with acoustics worthy of a concert hall. To conclude your wedding celebrations you'll dance the night away in the cave to the sounds of the resident DJ at Jameos Del Agua. Your wedding party here will be a party like none before!