From Lanzarote Bride To Lanzarote Wedding Planner…

Lanzarote Bride to Lanzarote Wedding Planner…

How it all began; Lanzarote Bride to Lanzarote Wedding Planner

After an amazing early morning surprise proposal at the very top of Montana Roja on my 30th Birthday, the decision of where our wedding would be held was made right there and then. There was only one place special enough for our dream day. That was the island that we’d both grown to love and adore over the years, Lanzarote!

Eeeeeeeekkkkk!!!!!… I was going to be a Lanzarote Bride and I was beyond excited!…

Lanzarote Bride to Lanzarote Wedding Planner. Hayley & Phil, Just engaged! Montana Roja, Playa Blanca.

Lanzarote Bride to Lanzarote Wedding Planner. Engagement Celebrations!

Could we make it happen?

After we’d trecked back down the volcano and made our exciting phone calls to family and friends to share our good news, (and after several bottles of fizz too!) the thought process around our wedding in Lanzarote began and the reality of planning a wedding abroad set in. Could we really manage to arrange a wedding ourselves from a different country? Where would we start? There was so much to think about!!!

Lanzarote Bride to Lanzarote Wedding Planner. Hayley & Phil, Mr & Mrs To Be!

All too soon our amazing holiday came to an end and we returned back to the UK. That’s when the doubts and worries about planning our dream wedding from afar started to creep in…

Lanzarote Bride to Lanzarote Wedding Planner. H10 5* Rubicon Palace, Playa Blanca, Our special place!

How would we plan a Lanzarote wedding from the UK? What venues were available? Would any of our family and friends be able to make it? Who would do my hair and make up? Make the cake? How would we get to the venue? We’d need to sort out a Photographer and a Videographer, Who do we contact to arrange a DJ? We want fireworks at the end of the night, how do we arrange that?

No, It was all too much of an anxiety overload, so we’ll just get married at home in the UK….

Our Dream

A few weeks went on and as much as we tried our best and even looked at alternative wedding venues, we just couldn’t stop thinking (and obsessing!) about getting married in Lanzarote.

Surely we couldn’t be the only couple who’d fallen in love with the island? The only couple who desperately dreamed of having a sunshine wedding in Lanzarote? It had to be possible and there had to be someone out there who could help turn our dreams into a reality! Maybe there was a Lanzarote Wedding Planner that could help us?

Wedding Planner relief!

So I set to work researching Wedding Planners in Lanzarote , I emailed a company with my enquiry and very quickly I received a response from the Wedding Planner who was to become the lady that helped us to create our dream day.

Right from the word go, our doubts and worries quickly subsided, the fact that we had now found a Lanzarote Wedding Planner to help plan our special day meant we could focus on the exciting parts of our Lanzarote wedding day and forget about the more complex and complicated issues of bringing the whole day together from afar. The relief was immense!

Discovering my love and adoration for weddings

Planning our own wedding along with my Wedding Planner was where my passion for Wedding Planning really began. I totally loved every single detail of the planning and putting together the specifics and details of the day. My found my artistic flare, which, until then, i never knew existed and I was absolutely in my element. I never wanted it to come to an end….

Lanzarote Bride to Lanzarote Wedding Planner. Discovering my artistic flair!

Lanzarote Bride to Lanzarote Wedding Planner. All things bright (orange!) & beautiful.

But all too soon it did! We had the most amazing wedding day here and having a Lanzarote Wedding Planner on hand to assist us in creating our dream was absolutely invaluable. I am absolutely certain that we could not have managed it ourselves from the UK. The details that were taken care of from this end would have been impossible for us to do from the UK. We were so happy with how everything came together on the day but once it was all over, I really, really missed planning our wedding….

Lanzarote Bride to Lanzarote Wedding Planner. Our beautiful Lanzarote wedding venue, The amazing 5* Hotel Hesperia in Puerto Calero.

Lanzarote Bride to Lanzarote Wedding Planner. We did it!

Lanzarote Bride to Lanzarote Wedding Planner. Firework Fabulousness!

And here we are…

Fortunately though, the Wedding Planning didn’t come to an end for long! …..

Fast forward to today… Lanzarote is now our home and I have been living my dream working as a Lanzarote Wedding Planner since we moved to the island shortly after our own wedding. I couldn’t be happier!

Hayley, Lanzarote Bride to Lanzarote Wedding Planner!

I have so much passion and enthusiasm for my work and I feel totally blessed every single day to have such a wonderful job in such a gorgeous place. I adore every single aspect of my job and love how I’m able to apply my own personal experiences of being a UK based bride to my work. This inevitably gives my couple’s great comfort, that I too, have felt exactly how they are feeling at the point when they decide to book their wedding day here in Lanzarote. I have been there, I remember the worries, the doubts and the anxieties that come with being a UK based bride planning a Wedding abroad. I remember it all as clear as day, I know how you are feeling, trust me I know!

My role

So that’s why I’m here… To help and assist you with choosing your venue and suppliers, to be your first point of contact, to be the ears that listen, the hands that create and the voice of reason when your guests don’t RSVP on time! I’ll be the person to guide you through your entire Wedding Planning journey leading up to your magical day here on the island and most importantly, to relieve you of your wedding worries!

Being 2500 miles away from your chosen venue might sound a long way (and in reality it is!) But with constant communication via Telephone, Email, WhatsApp, Messenger and Skype the distance beteeen you and I really isn’t an issue at all.

Your wedding wishes and dreams come true

Placing your trust in someone to plan the best and most important day of your life is most certainly not an easy thing to do. I remember it VERY well! My job is to make your wedding wishes come true and one of the best parts of the job for me is building up relationships and getting to know the couples that I’m privileged to work with.

It’s important for me to get a feel for you as people so that this can be reflected in your special day and helps me add those all important personal touches to your wedding. I like to get to know each and every single person I plan for to enable me to provide the personal service I am committed to delivering.

Your wedding day is so much more than just a single day for me….the wedding planning journey which we will venture on together will result in the creation of a lifetime of incredible memories. Memories both you, your guests and myself will cherish forever as your wedding wishes are brought to life by Canarian Dream Wedding and Event Planners.

I very much look forward to creating your dream here on our paradise island!

Hayley x

Lanzarote Bride to Lanzarote Wedding Planner. Canarian Dream Wedding and Event Planners, Dedicated To Delivering Your Dream.

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