Georgina’s Story

Georgina’s Story…

Gary and I met in Lanzarote in May 2015. He was the charming, funny, English karaoke-guy in Waikiki Bar and I was the ‘Crazy Dutch Girl’ that just came in for a drink after work….












I was always the negative one that did not believe in love at first sight, especially when working abroad…but I have to admit; this guy swept me of my feet from the first minute!

Unfortunately, like my entire love-life up until that point, it wasn’t meant to be. Gary was already engaged to be married…TYPICAL!

So, I decided to just come in for some songs and drinks and maybe stalk him a bit just by being there almost EVERY day…but pretty soon we started talking some more and we became friends.

It was only in September of that same year, when I was back home, that I told Gary about my little crush! It wasn’t like I was ever going to see him again anyway.

In November, Gary moved back to England for a while. We were both single at this point and I think it’s safe to say that we were starting to become a bit more than just friends.

He even visited me a few times in the next couple of months..Awwwww…

Anyway, the big moment is yet to come, because Gary secretly planned to surprise me for my birthday in February. And this is when it got serious…Long distance relationship….GO!

But it wasn’t long distance for a long time, as Gary decided to move to the Netherlands at the end of March. We moved in together straight away and it just worked out from the start.

After a while we started thinking about moving back to where it all started: sunny Lanzarote. We started selling all our stuff and quit our jobs.
On the 22nd of July last year, we packed our bags and flew back to our lovely Rock. And of course, we took our dogchild Ringo with us!

And on the 5th of August… with a little box strapped to his collar, Ringo asked me to marry Gary. It could not have been a better proposal!

Since then, we have been planning our amazing day in Lanzarote with the help from our amazing wedding planner Hayley at Canarian Dream Weddings! She has been working so hard for us, and she knows exactly what we have in mind for our wedding! She is even going to guard my dress for me, so Gary can’t secretly look at it ! The communication with the venue, decoration, planning…she has got it all sorted.

Now, can it be November 23 yet please?!?!

Georgina xXx

The lovely Mr & Mrs Kirrage to be!
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