Caring for your VIP guests!

Caring for your VIP guests!

Is it even a real wedding if the little girls aren’t following you around like you’re a real life princess and the boys aren’t skidding across the dancefloor on their knees?!

We often worry too much about the children being kept occupied at weddings when actually they have so much fun just occupying themselves!

What we often forget about is making sure our older generation are looked after too. Today we want to talk about you caring for your VIP guests on your special day…

A wedding day for our guests of a certain age can be a REALLY long day so it’s important we consider them at each and every point during the day to make sure they are ok and being well looked after, especially in the Lanzarote heat!

Here we give you just a few things to consider when choosing your perfect #lanzaroteweddingvenue and on your #lanzaroteweddingday itself to make sure you are caring for your VIP guests well on your wedding day…

1. If you have guests who have limited mobility and maybe use mobility aids – is your dream Lanzarote venue suitable for wheelchairs/mobility scooters? Are there disabled toilets available?

2. Does the ceremony/reception area at your chosen venue offer shade if your wedding ceremony and meal is to be held outdoors? The heat can be really intense when you’re not used to it and sometimes our older guests may using prescribed medication which reacts with the direct sunlight. Just something to bare in mind!

3. Is there a speaker system available for those guests who may have limited hearing? Wouldn’t it be awful for them to travel all the way to your wedding only for them to not actually hear some of the most important parts of the day?! Maybe also seat your older guests at the front too which will also help!

4. If your evening celebrations will be held outdoors, it’s always a good idea to organise for some shawls or blankets to be made available for guests. Evenings can be chilly here and our older generation definitely feel the cold more than we do!

5. Ask a member of your wedding party to take responsibility and offer their strong arms to make sure your older guests are given assistance in getting from A to B on the day if they do have mobility issues. The Best Men and Groomsmen I’m sure would be happy to help!

6. Make sure there’s somewhere quiet for your older guests to relax in the evening, along with some comfortable seating. They may want to join you on the dancefloor for a while but they will thank you for offering a quiet space for them to relax later on. Dance Monkey at midnight may be a bit too much for the Grandparents and Great Auntie Elsie!

7. Ask your wedding planner or a member of your wedding party to make sure your older guests are kept hydrated throughout the day. Days here can be incredibly hot and it’s very important that fluid levels are kept topped up to avoid guests from beginning to feel ill. We don’t want any medical centre visits on your special day!

8. Make sure that when your day draws to a close that your older guests are given assistance with ordering taxis or being taken to their transport to make sure they get home safely. They’re in a foreign country and it will be dark – they will be grateful for your help in making their way back to their accommodation.

9. Lastly, our older generation (though not all!) may not be as technically savvy as we are. Don’t forget to go down the old fashioned, traditional route with your wedding photographs and present your older loved ones with a framed picture of yourselves on your special day. We often forget this as we all rely on electronic files and downloads these days. They will love this and it will give them a memory to cherish forever!

Caring for your VIP guests well on your wedding day will give them a day to remember too! ❤

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Hayley Bulcock