Hand Fasting ?

❤ H A N D F A S T I N G ❤

One of the oldest wedding rituals dating back to Ancient Celtic Times, Handfasting is where the expression ‘Tying the Knot’ actually originates from…

Handfasting played a very significant part in the wedding ceremony of Mr & Mrs Campbell recently as they literally ‘tied the knot’ infront of their family & friends at the H10 Rubicon Palace in Playa Blanca.

The hand fasting was carried out by our celebrant once Louise & Colin had recited their vows and traditonal ‘Campbell Tartan’ was used to bind and unite the special couples hands together during this part of their wedding ceremony.

This practice brought an emotional, personal & symbolic meaning to their special day and it was absolutely beautiful to watch ❤

Louise & Colin ??
22nd October 2019 ?
H10 Rubicon Palace ?

Photography Credit; ? Steve Lupson Photography

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